Stress can be caused by many different things.


One or two sessions can normally help the situation and reduce the stress levels.


Does traffic stress you out? Do you need to be a calmer person when driving?

Are you a learner and and need help with confidence on the road?

Have you been in an accident and are struggling with the taught of driving again?

These are all issues that Hypnotherapy Swords can help with.


Do you want to feel safer while driving or passenger

Nervous driver


Feeling under pressure at work

Want to have a stress free job


Are you in a stressful Job?

Are you self-employed trying to juggle your work and personal life?

Do you need to find a way to relax after a long day trying to meet deadlines?

These stresses can also be helped by hypnotherapy.


Putting yourself under pressure trying to do your best

Knowledge is the key


Are you or do you know someone struggling with EXAM stress?

From young students doing school exams or leaving cert or students in college,

To professionals trying to progress up the ladder that are studying at the same time as working,

These are all very stressful times.


Tired of stressing over money you don't have



Are you always stressed about money?

I know I cant get you more then you have but Hypnosis can help you see more clearly about it and help with the worries and you know when the pressure is less your mind can work better , so in-turn you may be able to see a way of budgeting or even a way to get more cash flow.

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