Stop Smoking

Fed up smoking and ready to stop?

If you’re 100% or nearly 100% ready to stop but just can’t do it on your own then hypnotherapy can help.

Willpower alone is great for the first week or so but soon after, the habit creeps back in  

This is where most people struggle, they know deep down they want to quit. For whatever reason, whether it is for money, health, smell,  taste, or just fed up wasting your time putting poison in to your body, hypnosis can help you quit.

No matter if you smoke 5 a day or 20 a day, as long as you want to stop smoking, you can become a non-smoker in only 2 to 2 ½ hours.


Quit Smoking now

Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy Swords

Don' do it just say NO


Do you really know whats in an e-cigarette stop with hypnosis

Its still poison


Many people have moved away from cigarettes and have started using the E-cig.

Although it is led to believe that they are not as bad as cigarettes, you are still putting poison into your body that you do not have to.

If you are fully ready to commit to giving up e-cigarettes then hypnosis can help.

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