Sports Focus

Focusing on their game

keep focused with hypnotherapy Swords

keep your eye on the ball

Team Sports

Many sports clubs are now using hypnotherapists or hypnotists to help players focus on their role.

Whether it is a team sport like football, basketball, rugby or an individual sport, hypnotherapy can help players focus on the task at hand.


Be on target be first to the ball with hypnotherapy

Improve your mental ability


Improve you accuracy using hypnosis

Hitting the bull

Solo Sport

Such sports as darts and snooker require the competitor to really concentrate and ensure accuracy.

With these type of sport, everyone is looking at the player which puts them under pressure but with the use of hypnotherapy, this performance anxiety can be lessened.


See the the ball drop before it does with hypnosis

Potting from every angle

Motor sport

You can slow time in you mind while travelling twice as fast Hypnotherapy

Being one with the machine

Other sport

Hypnosis helps so many other sport such as long distance runners for when they hit the wall and motor sport so the drivers can focus on each turn while travelling at high speeds.

If you think about it, hypnotherapy can be used and altered to help any sports person see to their goals and improve their performance in their activity.

Running and track events

Using hypnosis to be one step a head

Don't let the wall stop you

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