Mental and Medical Recovery


With more and more people looking after their own health nowadays, they are using many different ways to do this.

Some of the ways are yoga, meditation, massage, pilates, acupuncture, reflexology and there are many more that are classed under holistic therapy.

Another way a lot more people are using is hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The reason for this is because when you are in the therapeutic trance or as some call it a hypno trance, you are in a very deep state of relaxation, slightly deeper then meditation.

While in this trance state, the hypnotherapist can give loads of positive suggestions and because the body and mind are so relaxed, and as long as the client likes the suggestions being given, the unconscious mind will except the suggestions.

When the customer is emerged (taken out of the trance state), the person will feel so positive and full of energy.


Blue sky one or two fluffy clouds imagine with hypnotherapy

Beautiful place to relax


How do you relax , use hypnotherapy Swords

Look after yourself


Many operations are done under hypnosis

Aid first then recovery time


Hypnosis can quicken the down time by speeding up recovery time

Let your body mend itself

Medical treatment and recovery

When people are ill or sick they spend time in bed because when you’re asleep, the body uses this time to mend itself.

Under hypnosis, your subconscious mind can help the body with the healing process. Although you are not asleep with hypnosis, a 20 minute session can feel like you have been a sleep for a much longer time, thus speeding up the body recovery time.

Because of this, there are more and more operations and procedures where they use hypnosis instead of anaesthetic to numb the area that is been worked on.

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