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What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis?

As you know, we all have a brain but we can kind of split it into 3 parts, 1)unconscious 2)conscious 3)subconscious.

1) The unconscious mind is a part we do not have to worry about. This part looks after our breathing, our heartbeat and all our other     body parts that just keep working so that we can survive.

2) The conscious mind is where we spend most of our lives. This part looks after our short term memory, willpower, logic, reason and judgement.

3) The subconscious is where a hypnotist wants to get to. This part of the mind looks after the long term memory, beliefs, habits, feelings and emotions.


erase the bad files and re-programme with better feelings Hypnosis

Programming makes you who you are


forgotten information in the long term can by found with hypnosis

Your mind stores all information just like a CD


Hypnosis is not a bad thing Hypnotherapy is a great thing

Let me help you

So just for a moment think of a mind as a computer, so just like a computer your mind needs to be programmed before it can work and the more apps you load on the computer the more information it has and the better it works.

This is the same as the mind. As a new born, the brain runs on the unconscious mind but as they grow and learn, whether it is good or bad, it is new information and it goes into the subconscious mind.

All this information stays here and depending on the information learned or taught by our elders, it can make us who we are.

This is why the first few years of our lives are so important. It is up to the age of maybe 6-7 where we get the most important information where beliefs, habits, feelings and emotions are formed.

So as you grow older and some of the feelings/emotions or habits you feel are not good for you and you wish to change them; this is where the conflict can occur. You know logically you want to change so you use your reasoning and willpower to try to change things. As this occurs in the conscious mind, the change maybe fine for a week or so. This is when the subconscious steps back in and takes back control.

This is where the hypnotist comes into play

If a client wants the changes to be made permanent they have to have an open mind and follow the instructions of the therapist to go into a trance like state where suggestions can be given to help make the feelings or emotions and habits change for good.

It is not a sleep but it is a deep relaxed state. In this state, your mind and body is so relaxed that the conscious mind zones out so all the information goes straight into the subconscious mind changing the habits or feeling or emotions.

As long as you want change, it will happen but if you do not like the suggestion there will be no change.


Like it want it and you will have the change you want with hypnosis

If you want you will have change

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