Fears / Phobias

Many people suffer from fears and phobias

Some people might think the person with the fear is being silly but anyone who has a fear or phobia knows that it can be one of the biggest obstacle in their life.

Most fears / phobias can be dealt with in 2 sessions.

The first session lasts 2 hours and the reinforcing session, which is normally a week or so later, will last an hour.


look what your missing

Scared of flying look what your missing Hypnotherapy Swords

Travel the world

Fear of flying

Are you someone who can’t go on a family holiday because you can’t bear to be on a plane?

Not anymore! Let Hypnotherapy Swords help you so you can travel to all those places you always said you wanted to see.

Domestic cats

Terrified by pet cats Hypnotherapy Swords

Purr Cat

Family pets

Want to be free from fear of dogs Hypnotherapy Swords

Its a dogs life

Fear of Animals

Do you want to get over the fear of animals?

Especially house hold pets so you will no-longer be afraid to call into other peoples’ homes.

Feeling trapped but want to be free

Feeling trapped lost in the crowd Hypnotherapy Swords

To many people

Fear of crowds

Do you find yourself not going to shops or places of entertainment because of the crowds?

Don’t let this stop you from enjoying yourself.

Let’s work together and break it down so you can go wherever you want to.

Don’t let bugs ruin your life.

spiders frighten you , hypnotherapy Swords can help


Can’t do high places.

Are heights a problem. Hypnotherapy Swords

Enjoy the views

More Fears and Phobias ………

And do not forget all the other fears/phobias that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help with.

Spiders, heights, darkness, water,  or even cotton wool.

Just remember it does not matter what the fear or phobia is about, it is about how the person sees it. With hypnosis, those feelings can be changed.

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