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Fear is a protective mechanism in our subconscious mind that is there to keep us safe and alive from things that could be deemed dangerous.

Wild animals, places, objects that could cause us harm and the unknown are things that can cause our subconscious mind to activate the fear in us so we stay safe.

In one way, fear is a great thing because it keeps people safe, but on the other hand fear can also cause an irrational reaction to objects or situations. If the subconscious mind perceives a threat, it will go into a high alert state causing anxiety.


In a lot of cases, fear is learned as a child and stays with the person for life. Since most fears develop at a young age and stay for a long time, they become embedded deep in the subconscious mind.

There are so many different causes of fears from spiders, driving on motorways, flying, heights and closed spaces in fact. Anything can become a fear if the subconscious feels a threat; such as authority figures or even eating certain foods.


Some people get a slight feeling in the stomach, which can be known as butterflies. This is actually a good feeling to get when you are trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zone.

The negative symptoms include feeling hot, sweaty, heart racing and finding it hard to breath. These symptoms tend to ease as the feeling of fear decreases.


Most people can cope with the fear they may have or can avoid the issue, but a phobia is where the fear becomes much stronger and the feelings are in such a heightened state that all, or nearly all of the time, the mind is constantly thinking or looking out for the cause of the fear.

The constant state of anxiety that this causes can result in a person feeling trapped, out of control and useless.

The biggest problem with phobias is no matter how small or stupid the issue may seem to others; it is a huge problem to the person who is suffering.


The symptoms of a phobia are similar to the symptoms of fear but just stronger. It can result in collapsing, uncontrolled shaking, screaming, crying and running to get away. In extreme cases, phobias can result in people getting hurt or hurting others just to get safe.


Hypnotherapy Swords uses a 5-step programme to help reduce or in most cases release the fear altogether:

  1. Find the Fear –what it is that frightens the client.
  2. Find the feeling–how it affects the client emotionally.
  3. Reduce the anxiety –break the constant alertness.
  4. Visualise the future –see life without the feeling of fear.
  5. Be free of fear and in-control –more freedom to do what you want.


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